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Petrov-Vodkin's circle

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These works from twelve museums and private collections unfold a page of Russian art history full of fresh images and unfamiliar names. The vicissitudes of politics and art in the Soviet period resulted in the ostracism not only of great abstract artists of the avant-grade, but also figurative painters like Petrov-Vodkin, whose work was branded "formalist." Only several decades after most of the works were done was the State Russian Museum allowed to mount an exhibition of his works. And now after years of resourceful collecting and museum acquisitions the museum present a show of the artists who studied with Petrov-Vodkin or who worked in the same vein. Besides the large corpus of rare illustrative material two substantive articles, biographical sketches of about 50 artists, archival photos from art schools, and two indexes make this catalogue a valuable contribution to the study of twentieth-century art.


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