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Лютеранские письма (грузинское издание)

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The main topics of Pier Paolo Pasoliini's book Lutheran Letters (1976) are gender discrimination in society; homophobia (among the youth); opportunism in the higher tiers of the state; changes of the power poles; replacement of totalitarian or repressive powers by new forms; establishment of consumerist values (or anti-values); and the psychological as well as physical transformation of the human beings. These challenges faced by the Italian society about 50 years ago are very topical for post-Soviet Georgia.

This collection of articles by Pasolini will assist the reader in understanding and analyzing the problems of modern Georgian society. This will be a kind of reaction to Tbilisi events on May 17, 2013, when several dozen Georgian citizens became the victims of public homophobic violence.

The form and content of this publication will facilitate the establishment of a pluralistic and critical society in Georgia.

Книга издана на грузинском языке


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