Translit #2. Special inglish edition

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n November 2018 #2 [Translit] in translation was issued — English digest with editorial introductions and selected poems & articles fully translated from #17-21 [Translit]. Contents: #17 [Translit]: Literary positivism (2015) Alexei Grinbaum Homologic Assurance Eduard Lukoyanov “Kenya” (excerpts) Pavel Arseniev / Irina Sandomirskaia The Discreet Charm of Restricted Economy (dialog in correspondence) Pavel Arseniev Ready-writtens (with foreword by G. Rymbu) Matthew Whitley «These People Live Here»: Conceptualism and the New Documentary Poetics Kirill Medvedev “it’s only in Facebook that everything seems great” Gleb Napreenko “Moscow and Muscovites” (excerpts) #18 [Translit]: Dramaturgy of writing (2016) Keti Chukhrov Not Even Dead (unmade film) Babi Badalov Poetical Activism (graphics) Ekaterina Samigulina / Marco Giovenale Asemic Letter: New Post Literature (dialog) Oleg Goriainov The Politics of Fear of the Abstract: Towards a Theory of “Picturesque Scenes” Between Artists 50 Sergeу Ogurtsov Empty Homes of Being (graphics) #19 [Translit]: Object-oriented poetry (2016-2017) Pavel Arseniev Poésie objective, or On Documentary Poetic Objects Armen Avanessian, Anke Hennig Metanoia: A Speculative Ontology of Language, Thinking, and the Brain Natalia Fedorova Internet of Names. Poetics of Infrastructure #20 [Translit]: Music of the revolution (2017) Jason Cieply The dialectics of scaz. Towards an Apology for the Posession by the Voice of Class Other Kuzma Koblov gfgadgfdsdfs & kjlkljkljkl Yoel Regev Pokh, Nakh, Bog: Sergei Shnurov’s Theological Machine of Equilibrium #21 [Translit]: Toward new poetics (2018) Eugene Kuchinov / Marina Simakova The Poetics of Biocosmism: Volcanic Flame, Anabiotic Ice Rostislav Amelin The Informants Maria Malinovskaya You’re people. I’m not Maxim Miroshnichenko / Nikita Vasilenko Mediaecosystems of the Anthropocene: Towards Techno-biological Emancipation (sketch of theory fiction)


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