The Survivors. GULAG / Graphic novels

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Gulag (acronym of Main Administration of Camps) is a system of camps in which convicts were serving sentences for domestic and criminal offences and also for political reasons in USSR since the 1930s. It sounds horrifying, because over the 27 years of the Gulag’s existence twenty million people have passed through the camps and every tenth never came back from Gulag. But only half of young Russians know about mass repressions in the USSR (as it puts Russian Public Opinion Research Center, September 2018). Every fourth hears about the Gulag for the first time. To remind about this terrible time The Gulag History State Museum has collected former prisoners’ stories and told them in the language of graphic novels. The book «Survivors» was published thanks to fundraising. All graphic novels have been created by different artists and based on the stories of the Gulag’s former prisoners.

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